Mobile Fleet Washing

fleet-washingProfessional Commercial Fleet, Truck, and Trailer Pressure Washing

Details Pressure Wash provides affordable commercial fleet pressure washing in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, and clean over 70,000 trucks and trailers per year. Your commercial fleet is your most visible asset and reflects your company’s image. From grocery store chains to trucking companies, commercial truck and trailer fleets are in constant need of pressure washing.

DETAILS Pressure Wash Services motto is “Keeping it Clean”, and we provide what is known as a “brite wash” to tractors and trailers. With our high-pressure, twin detergent hot water brite wash, trailers can have their interiors sanitized through our washing procedures. Depending on the desired wash schedule and the size of the fleet to be pressure washed, the unit cost will be determined.

Heavy equipment needs pressure washing too. Pressure washing allows cooler running temperatures of the motors, reduces friction at pivot points and minimizes grease build up allowing the equipment to run smoothly.