Employee Profile: Tristan Smith – Washbay Manager

All our Washbay customers know our Washbay Manager, Tristan Smith. Tristan has been with the company 11 years and from the get-go brought attention to detail to the job. He states: “I generally like to detail vehicles, and I saw that Details Pressure Wash had an ad in the paper for a wash technician.” In short, he loves to wash and detail trucks. His overall duties are making sure the Washbay is up and running at all times. He interfaces with clientele, provides general maintenance for all the equipment, and supervises the three Washbay technicians.

Recent technical improvements in the Washbay support his attention to detail: “We’ve just changed the type of equipment we use for washing trucks. We are now much more efficient with providing a high quality wash, and drivers waiting for a wash spend less time in line. We’re using a new detergent application system as well as a new type of detergent. This has cut down the amount of hand brushwork we do by about 60 percent. The detergent cleans faster and does a much more thorough job, because it’s the detergent itself that’s doing the actual washing, not the hand scrubbing, so there are no missed spots.”

Providing the level of service available at the Washbay gives Tristan a great deal of personal satisfaction. “I really take pride in my work and I like to see the drivers really happy. They’re really impressed by the type of work we do here. Compared to other truck washing services that they have been to, they always say we do the best job. I take pride in that and look forward to it every day.”

The Washbay is located at Southbound Exit 25 on the Maine Turnpike (I-95) in Kennebunk ME. Hours are 7am-8pm Monday through Thursday and 7am-6pm on Friday. Call us at 207-985-5737 for more info.