Our Fleet Pressure Washing is Environmentally Friendly

Details Pressure Wash is environmentally friendly by using VacuBoom Wash Water Recovery systems for our moble fleet pressure washing services.

The VacuBoom Wash Water Recovery systems are connected to our gas powered industrial vacuums mounted in each wash truck. When the wet vac system is turned on and connected to the placed VacuBoom, the boom tightly seals itself to the surface to collect the wash water. While the wash water is collecting, the vaccum draws the effluent through small port openings in the boom, and then places the wash water into our truck mounted holding tanks.

This procedure works very well on hard surfaces. When connected to the proper vacuum unit providing a large amount of lift, there is no better method of wash water collection.

Another method of environmental truck pressure washing is the use of a Drive-on Wash Mat. This mat provides a portable containment area which allows containment of any liquid that the pad catches. The Mat is laid on the ground with berms placed around the edges, creating a dike that prevents wash water from exiting onto the ground, and resembles a large children’s swimming pool. The truck drives onto this mat, is pressure washed, and as the clean unit drives off, a dirty unit drives on. During the pressure washing process the wash water is vacuumed into the holding tank in our truck. The contained wash water can then be extracted and treated. This “Drive on – Drive Off” model allows the user to enter and exit the pad while the berm is inflated. A secondary berm prevents fluids from exiting the pad as the vehicle drives over the berm.